About Us

Classic designs for the modern woman

Only the Best


SETAERASO is dedicated to understanding and catering to the needs of the modern woman through clothing designed with her real life in mind.

Inspired by timeless style and crafted from the highest quality fabrics, our collection works, quite simply, where you do.


We are a US based brand that is focused on sustainable luxury and minimal elegance for women. We work hand in hand with a family-owned factory in Turkey to create luxury staples that are affordable. We also believe in supporting small factories that are challenged by the fast fashion, low cost, high waste industry.

We source the finest materials from Italy and Turkey and have everything under one roof from sample creation, sourcing of raw materials, production, and addition of details by hand.

Eliminating waste


Once our designs are finalized, we select the raw materials and fabrics several months in advance.

We aim toward sourcing just enough fabric for each season in order to eliminate waste and recycling leftover materials. Therefore, we’re unable to restock inventory mid-season as quickly as fast-fashion brands or even at all.

A Note from Maida

Isn’t it time to ask for more from your wardrobe?

Growing tired of bouncing between expensive pieces that offered no versatility for my day to night schedule, and fast-fashion pieces that fell apart at the seams after one wash, I decided it was time to ask for more. I wanted to create a line that provided women with what they truly need and deserve : wearable clothing made from high-quality fabrics that offered timeless style.

The SETAERASO collections are inspired by my love for classic silhouettes and rich textiles – meant for the women who crave more than the status style quo. At a time when fashion is becoming faster and clothing more disposable, SETAERASO believes in the beauty of design and sharp craftsmanship that’s lasting.

Wherever these pieces take you, I hope they make you feel beautiful.