WHAT IS SETAERASO? I have been so excited to bring this collection to you, and it truly has been a labor of love for myself, my family, friends, and team. While I truly think we can let the pieces speak for themselves, I wanted to offer a little background on how SETAERASO came to be, and what makes us, well, us.

Even as a young girl, I felt drawn to the corporate world, and dreamt of the whole package — the large office, city views, and of course, the perfect professional wardrobe. The dream did not come easy, but after putting in the work and keeping my focus on my goals, I graduated with an accounting degree, and landed the job with a corporate giant in the city. And as my career grew, I started to dream of the ideal wardrobe — versatile, high quality, and of course, ultra-chic. As I began to curate the pieces, I struggled to find items that could go from work to outside the office, and felt trapped between boring business professional and too casual.

As my family grew, and I became a busy mother, I began to look at dressing up for work as my time for myself. I wanted to present myself at work and to the world as simple and elegant, with a little bit of flair. To me, if I was going to spend the majority of time at work and away from home, it was important to look my best! I found myself growing tired of fast fashion, and found myself leaning toward more sophisticated investment pieces, but the market seemed to be lacking what I was looking for, specifically in dresses and blazers. I often traveled to Europe, and fell in love with the fashion there, often bringing a suitcase of items back with me! When I wore the pieces out, the compliments and “where did you find that?!” flowed, and an idea was born. Clearly, our market was missing these mid-range investment items that made women feel put together, even as their life was hectic and on the go!

As I began to map my business plan out, the idea began to grow and become something much larger than I originally anticipated! I wanted to bring a beautiful, timeless, and classic style to the table, but I also wanted to offer so much more — a community of likeminded women, growing their careers, families, and style!

I hope each of these pieces speaks to you like they have to me, and I look forward to welcoming you all into our SETAfamily — I’m so glad you’re here.


February 24, 2021 — Makhida Izzatova