Quality Over Quantity: Curating a Wardrobe that Lasts

In a world of online shopping and social influence, it can be easy to click “add to cart” every time something great pops up and offers a great price! But sometimes those prices can seem too good to be true, and with fast-fashion, it is.

Fast-fashion is becoming a household term more and more, and refers to the cheaply made, trendy pieces that aren’t built to last more than a season. You can find fast-fashion pieces in big retailers and online shops. And fast-fashion is tempting. But at SETAERASO, we encourage you to look past fast-fashion this year — and instead, focus on curating a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle year after year. 

Assess your current wardrobe.

Consider doing a yearly (or even seasonal!) cull of your wardrobe — what pieces do you no longer wear? What pieces do you lean to season after season? Getting to know your wardrobe and patterns can help you decide what pieces are best to invest in. Love that black sweater? Try a beautiful cashmere one. Wearing a structured blazer more than once a week? It might be time to invest in one that is of higher quality.

Be selective.

When shopping for your wardrobe, carefully choose your boutiques and shops — where do they source their product? What does that environment look like? What quality is the material? Being more aware of all of these things can help you select more sustainable, long-lasting pieces for your wardrobe.

Pay more to get more.

You might experience sticker shock the first few times you decide to purchase investment pieces, but instead of the large sum, focus on the cost per wear. Will that $20 top last through multiple washings and wearings, or even through a whole season? But that piece you purchased for $100 has a guaranteed lifetime that equates to far less than that original $20.

Check the fabric and stitching of your items.

You’ll find that many fast fashion pieces are already starting to come apart at the seams. Stitching should always be even and taut, and test each piece by pulling apart the seams — bad stitching will show gaps.

Better fabric just…feels better! Rub the piece over an area of sensitive skin, like your inner wrist — is it scratchy or smooth and soft? A good quality fabric should feel nice to the touch, and feel substantial in thickness.

Our collection has been built around this mindset and lifestyle — each of our pieces has been lovingly and carefully crafted in a family-owned factory in Turkey. You’ll find that our prices truly reflect the quality of each piece, and the collection is designed to stand the test of time, both in style and quality.

February 24, 2021 — Makhida Izzatova