One Piece, Four Ways: The Camel Jacket

Let’s talk camel coats! Whether on the street, on your feed, or on the rack, it’s hard to miss the fact that this trend is everywhere…and has been for a while! And for good reason — it’s one of those perfect neutral pieces that has timeless style and goes with just about anything.

We are, of course, partial to our Tiffany jacket for this category, and want to show that whether you choose to dress it up or down, it’s the perfect piece for every wardrobe!

1. Out with the Girls

Drinks and shopping with the girls! We love the Spanx faux leather leggings as much as everyone else, and they look even better under a camel jacket! Add a grey sweater, camel booties, and some oversized sunnies for the perfect girls’ date outfit!

2. Running Errands

When you need something super comfy and easy to throw on before running out on the weekend, this is the outfit. Comfy sneakers, your favorite jeans, a classic crossbody, and the Tiffany tossed over a tee! Fashionable and functional.

3. The Office

We couldn’t skip a good workwear outfit! The Tiffany looks incredible layered over a dark turtleneck, and you can’t go wrong with classic slacks, cap-toe pumps, and the perfect work bag. Get ready for those compliments!

4. Date Night

A slinky black slip is the perfect date night outfit, and a camel jacket is the perfect way to stay warm in the cool night air! Add a fab clutch, some sparkle with earrings, and those heels with the perfect height. Best. Date. Outfit. Ever.

February 24, 2021 — Makhida Izzatova